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20/8/2021· Description: ILSVRC 2012, commonly known as ''ImageNet'' is an image dataset organized according to the WordNet hierarchy. Each meaningful concept in WordNet, possibly described by multiple words or word phrases, is called a "synonym set" or "synset". There are more than 100,000 synsets in WordNet, majority of them are nouns (80,000+).

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At Label Studio, we’re always looking for ways to help you accelerate your data annotation process. With the release of version 1.3.0, you can perform model-assisted labeling with any connected machine learning backend.. By interactively predicting annotations, expert human annotators can work alongside pretrained machine learning models or rule-based heuristics to more efficiently complete


BOTH API spider and API split master bushing have the same inner diameter with of 4”/ft on the diameter tapper. They are designed and manufactured according to API SPEC 7K standard for drilling and well servicing equipment. MODEL. TUBULAR OD inch. RATED CAPACITY(short tons) 8 5/8 API spider. 2 3/8- 8 5/8. 100. 9 5/8 API spider. 9 5/8- 10 3/4.

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2 days ago· Run me first. First of all, run the following cell to initialize the API. The output will contain instructions on how to grant this notebook access to Earth Engine using your account. import ee. # Trigger the authentiion flow. ee.Authentie() # Initialize the library.

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Step 1: Select your plan. $ 14.99 USD 30 days* 1 TB Bandwidth unlimited*** Storage. $ 14.99 USD 30 days* 1 TB Bandwidth 3 TB Storage. $ 29.99 USD 30 days* 2 TB Bandwidth unlimited*** Storage. $ 29.99 USD 60 days* 2 TB Bandwidth 3 TB Storage. $ 39.99 USD 90 days* 4 TB Bandwidth unlimited*** Storage. $ 39.99 USD 90 days* 4 TB Bandwidth 3 TB

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Arguments. learning_rate: A Tensor, floating point value, or a schedule that is a tf.keras.optimizers.schedules.LearningRateSchedule, or a callable that takes no arguments and returns the actual value to use.The learning rate. Defaults to 0.01. momentum: float hyperparameter >= 0 that accelerates gradient descent in the relevant direction and dampens oscillations.

China API 7K for Oil Drilling Rig A205 Rotary Table

Opening Diameter:27 1/2 in (698.5mm) Max. Torque:22,790 ft - lb (30,900 Nm) Max. Rotating Speed:300r/min Transmission Ratio:3.67 Size( L*W*H ):94.2*65.7*26.9 in Supply Ability Supply Ability: 10 Set/Sets per Month Packaging & Delivery Packaging Details:as …


* Make-up torque for "black" or "plated" B7/L7 bolts and 2H nuts using API BUL 5A3 / ISO 13678 thread compound. These torque values assume undamaged bolts, clean conditions and smooth bearing surfaces with generous lubriion of threads and bearing faces on nuts. *** These current flanges previously had old API size and series designations

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30/3/2020· Scale’s Labeling API was designed to abstract away many of these concerns so whether you are collecting a small prototype training set or millions of labels the process is as painless as possible.

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For large datasets install PyArrow: pip install pyarrow; If you use Docker make sure to increase the shared memory size either with --ipc=host or --shm-size as command line options to nvidia-docker run.; Getting Started. The full documentation contains instructions for getting started, training new models and extending fairseq with new model types and tasks.

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Target solves problems by looking at their impact on customers, on sales associates, and on internal IT teams. With Google Cloud, Target implements storewide design and logistical solutions without compromising internal or external experiences. “We want to be a …

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cuSpatial API GitHub / Docs / Change Log cuSpatial is an efficient C++ library accelerated on GPUs with Python bindings to enable use by the data science community. cuSpatial provides significant GPU-acceleration to common spatial and spatiotemporal operations such as point-in-polygon tests, distances between trajectories, and trajectory clustering when compared to CPU-based implementations.


Build next-gen apps with. OpenAI’s powerful models. OpenAI’s API provides access to GPT-3, which performs a wide variety of natural language tasks, and Codex, which translates natural language to code. Get started Read Documentation.

API - Valve Standards

Valve standards from API - the American Petroleum Institute:. API SPEC 6D Specifiion for Pipeline Valves. API Specifiion 6D is an adoption of ISO 14313: 1999, Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries-Pipeline Transportation Systems-Pipeline Valves. This International Standard specifies requirements and gives recommendations for the design, manufacturing, testing and documentation of ball

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19/11/2021· The Buckets resource represents a bucket in Cloud Storage. There is a single global namespace shared by all buckets. For more information, see Bucket Name Requirements. Buckets contain objects which can be accessed by their own methods. In addition to the acl property, buckets contain bucketAccessControls, for use in fine-grained manipulation of an existing bucket''s access …

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F5 Declarative Onboarding. Initial configuration of a BIG-IP system by using a declarative model. F5 Telemetry Streaming. Aggregation, normalization, and forwarding of stats and events from BIG-IP to consumer appliions. F5 Appliion Services Templates. FAST templates provide a toolset for templating and managing AS3 appliions on BIG-IP.

Rotary Vibrator Hose / Mud Hose / Cementing Hose

API 7K Rotary Drilling hoses also called oilfield drilling hoses, vibrator hoses, mud hoses, cementing hoses, kelly hoses, de-coking hoses, for the steady high pressure oilfield service. PME Grade D and Grade E rotary hose are designed and produced for mud delivery and cement service on the drilling rigs, by pumping mud at extra high pressure in oilfield drilling operation and exploration.

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Big Data Analytics courses are curated by experts in the industry from some of the top MNCs in the world. The main aim of Data Analytics online courses is to help you master Big Data Analytics by helping you learn its core concepts and technologies including simple linear regression, prediction models, deep learning, machine learning, etc.

Oilfield Kelly Drilling Rotary Hoses - API 7K Approved

Rotary drilling hose is used to convey drilling liquids from the top of mud standpipe to the rotary swivel. Operating pressure up to 4000psi. BOP control line manufactured as API 16D has 1/4inch to 2inch bore size and 5000 psi operating pressure and free of flame temperature of 1300°F for 5 minutes.

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Execution Governors and Limits. Because Apex runs in a multitenant environment, the Apex runtime engine strictly enforces limits so that runaway Apex code or processes don’t monopolize shared resources. If some Apex code exceeds a limit, the associated governor issues a runtime exception that can’t be handled.

Kelly Hose Company

•Certifiion: API 7K FSL2. Introduce: Kelly drilling hoses are big inside diameter (3" to 4" ID) high pressure flexible lines used to between the standpipe and the swivel. This flexible piping permits the kelly to be raised and lowered while drilling fluid is pumped through the drill string.

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30/11/2021· This page describes the error messages that can be returned by the Maps JavaScript API. The Maps JavaScript API writes error and warning messages to the JavaScript

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