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The main disadvantage of PFA is that it is more expensive than PTFE and FEP. PFA is ideal for appliions that require a higher purity grade, excellent chemical resistance and a high working temperature. This fluoroplastic is widely used in medical tubing, heat exchangers, semi-conductor baskets, pumps and fittings, and valve liners.

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Saint Gobain Tygon® 3350. TYGON® 3350 is an ultra-pure biopharmaceutical-grade tubing that has documented biocompatibility for sensitive appliions. This platinum-cured silicone tubing resists temperature extremes, ozone, radiation, moisture, compression sets, weathering and chemical attack,….

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30/5/2016· When it comes to tubing, PFA is considered superior to PTFE due to its flexibility. However, PFA has a shorter flex life than PTFE. PFA maintains a transparency under extreme temperatures of up to 500 degree Fahrenheit, while PTFE is milky white up to the same temperature and is also considered more resistant to heat.

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17/2/2020· PFA tubing is also resistant to chemicals, even when they sit in the system for prolonged periods of time. The lack of inertness in some chemicals can be destructive to most tubings. PFA tubing is a go-to option for moving elements. Its flexibility and resistance to cracks and breaks make it perfect for moving parts in machinery. PFA Tubing

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Fluoroplastics and Teflon ® materials have many of the same properties however, there are important differences between FEP, PFA, ETFE en PTFE. Click to see. +31 (0)76 - 5718295

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Introduction This is 1 meter of PFA tubing with a 6mm diameter. PFA has a high temperature resistance with a melting point of 305C. This tubing is used as a bowden tube in some 3D printer setups.

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Silicone Sheet Buy Online. Contact us. Teflon Tubing Buy Online. PPTFE teflon tubing is commonly referred to as Teflon tubing. Teflon refers to three fluoropolymer plastic resins: PTFE, FEP, and PFA. These three plastics share common properties such as lubricity, chemical resistance, high temperature resistance and more.

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PFA has significantly improved removal performance compared to 316L stainless steel with a 240 grit finish. See Figure 1. Engineering *The silicone tubing dictates these product specifiions. The working pressure of the PVDF tube adapter connection meets

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Chemical Compatibility of the Tubing Materials Name Tygon LFL Tygon ST R-3603 PharMed Tygon HC F-4040-A Tygon MH 2075 Tygon SI Silicone Platinum Silicone Peroxide Norprene A-60-G Flurane F-5500-A (Viton) 1: excellent; 2: good; 3: fair; 4: not recommended Acetaldehyde 4 4 4 4 3 3 3 4 4 Acetamide, 67% in w 4 4 2 4 1 1 1 2 4 Acetate Solvents 4 4 2

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ETFE Tubing. ETFE is a fluoropolymer that is chemically and structurally similar to polyolefins such as polyethylene, thus providing a higher abrasion, impact, and crush resistance than its fully fluorinated (perfluoropolymer) counterparts -PTFE, FEP, and PFA. ETFE tubing is commonly used in wiring harnesses, in exterior film appliions where weathering resistance is desirable, and as a

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Expanded PTFE (ePTFE) tube is microporous so air-permeable, and is perfect for any appliions that require a permeable material. As such, ePTFE is different to conventional PTFE. The material is soft and flexible, and feels somewhat like smooth, spongey marshmallow to the touch. Expanded PTFE is often used in the form of cord, sealing tape or

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Weigh and Measure. the length and diameter of tubing sample. Immerse. Using a closed vessel, immerse the sample in your fluid for 48 hours. Reweigh, Remeasure, and examine the sample for swelling, brittleness or other deterioration. Test in Pump. under actual temperature, vacuum/pressure, or other operating conditions.

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The PTFE shell offers excellent chemical and temperature resistance while the Silicone core provides the resiliency needed to provide effective sealing. Readily available is common USA and metric cross-sections and nearly unlimited diameters. CPD# T1002 is FEP encapsulated Solid Silicone up …

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FEP PFA and PVDF are melt processable fluoropolymer resins from which UNIGASKET extrudes fluoroplasting tubing in various sizes (see data sheet). The products made with these fluoropolymers resins meet a wide range end user requirements. They have high acknowledgment for their unique properties and versatility wich are helping to solve many industry’s materials problem in chemical …

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cause breakage of the fitting or bursting of the tubing. Furthermore, abnormal temperature rise caused by adiabatic compression may result in the tube bursting. Note 3) Do not use this product in a manner in which the tube is not fixed. Observe the lesser value of the maximum operating pressure between the tubing and fitting. A material change

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FEP/PFA Encapsulated Seals. Vulcan Seals is a leading manufacturer of FEP/PFA Encapsulated ''O''-Rings and Seals globally.. We have the capacity to produce virtually any cross-section and diameter size or shape of seals, backed by a Stock Guarantee on the most common items and a short lead time on the rest. Carefully monitored in-house production and multiple levels of electronic inspection

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FEP / PFA / Teftek® Chemical Compatibility Teftek®, FEP or PFA encapsulation coined with Coating Center’s premium silicone core and manufactured to the highest standards, provide superior endless seal integrity, reliability, performance and repeated sealing in the harshest environments.

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We can perform multiple types of bonding including butt welding where tubings are joined end-to-end; insertion welding where one tube is inserted in the other prior to bonding; variable durometer welding to join tubings of different hardnesses; and side bonding (such as our Dual Tube™) whereby a single unit of two independent tubes of similar or variable sizes stays together until separation


Silicone core with FEP encapsulation • Better low temperature behavior than FKM -60 °Cto+205 (-76°Fto+401°F) 85 to 90 Shore A FKM -core with PFA encapsulation • High abrasion resistance of the PFA encapsu-lation 20 °Cto+205 (-4 °F to+401°F) 90 to 95 Shore A Silicone core with PFA encapsulation • Use in very wide temperature range, especial-

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Forbest offers a broad range of silicone tubing and tube products made from this versatile material, including platinum cured silicone tubing and silicone tube to ensure the least possible extractables. Our state-of-the-art, clean room is designed for manufacturing products particularly suited to …

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+ Numerical rating for flame spread is not intended to reflect hazards presented by this or any other material under actual fire conditions. NOTE: The information, recommendations and opinions contained herein is only a guide and is intended solely for your consideration, inquiry and verifiion.The suitability of any material under specific conditions of appliion is not guaranteed in any

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1/9/2020· Use the "Tubing Selection Guide" below to help you select the appropriate tubing for your appliion. The Chemical Compatibility guide and the chemical resistance summary in the table below are only guidelines. Chemical resistance and tubing wear may vary according to use always test the tubing you select under the actual conditions.

Physical Properties Table

PFA 870 Tubing 260 73 -268 302 to 310 -80 & 90 Transparent Yes PMMA 50 79 - 107 20 85 to 105 N/A Transparent No PMP 153 - 174 93 - 127 0 to 20 235 N/A Transparent Yes PP 135 107 0 160 to 176 -20 to -5 Translucent Yes Silicone Gaskets Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 1.1 to 1.5 Moderate to Excellent

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PFA Parflex PTFE, FEP and PFA tubing complies with European Standard RoHs and the tubing is also FDA compliant to FDA regulation 21 CFR 177.1550, making these products suitable for use in food and beverage appliions. Offered in smoothbore tubing, convoluted, corrugated, retractable coils and heat shrinkable tubing. Highest molecular weight.

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Features/Benefits: - Great Versatility • Exceptional chemical inertia • A flexible alternative to stainless steel tubing • Broad range of working temperatures, from cryogenic to extreme heat • Non-stick properties allowing conveyance of many fluids & gases • Outstanding resistance to ageing • Fluoropolymer with the lowest permeability • Non-flammable • UV-transparent • Tube marking on …


Viton Tubing Our Viton tubing is made from 100% pure Viton.Viton is a high performance synthetic rubber. The tubing offers a wide range of both temperature and chemical resistance Viton Tube is used in appliions such as appliances, chemical transfer, hot lubriion feeds, o-rings and seals, fuel and oil lines, cable jacketing, exhaust lines, solvent transfer, and peristaltic pumps.

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