And Lucas has entered the Blogosphere…

Hi friends,

Between some combination of wanting to communicate with friends scattered across the country and a misguided sense of my own importance, like so many others I’ve decided to start a blog.  I am now officially embarking on a journey where many words I say will be permanently stored in the internet’s dark corners to be used against me by anyone in the world at some point in the future.

I backdated three longer Facebook posts from the past year or so to get it started with some content.  In the future, (hopefully) I’ll post shorter things more often.

The angle I’m going for here is writing for young progressive organizers, advocates, campaigners, political junkies and policy wonks to help build community and strategic discussion.

To be honest, I’ve spent the last few years complaining about the surplus of talkers and the shortage of doers among young political types.  But now that I’ve left the academic bubble, I realize that it’s about balance and we all need some time for introspection and bouncing ideas off each other.  So here goes.


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